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Careers with Sea Life
Careers with Sea Life
Operations Associate
Carlsbad, California, USA
Carlsbad, California, USA
San Diego County
United States
Full time
21 Jan 2019
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Position Summary:
Maintains organization of SEA LIFE areas. Works as part of a team with other facilitators.  Maintains training and skills for all education programs. Maintains organization and readiness of SEA LIFE areas. Communicates SEA LIFE and Merlin Entertainment values of creativity, discovery, exuberance, and innovation to groups and regular guests and facilitates the unstructured guest experience by encouraging, interacting, and demonstrating.


General Aquarium Operations
- Works in a team rotation with turnstiles, ticket booths, touch pools, and various other experienced throughout the experience.
- Encourages guest participation and interaction in SEA LIFE.
- Inspires children by playing with props and demonstrating possibilities of the materials, if applicable, while maintaining an open-ended approach.
- Floats within area and directly communicates with guests by greeting, explaining, demonstrating.  Is alert to guests need for assistance and independence.
- Facilitates public talks using public announce systems and microphones.
- Shows ownership of responsibility for area and materials.  Maintains logs for attendance, incidents, materials repair, etc.
- Ensures aquariums are clean, organized and ready to open on a daily basis. Assist in clearing the building for closing.

Instructor for Children and Families
- Establishes immediate rapport and communicates well with children, families, and school groups.    
      - Maintains order and structure and facilitates investigative learning, while maintaining atmosphere of discovery, creativity, and playfulness. Enjoys performing.        
   - Listens to and accepts feedback.  Reflects understanding of feedback.
- Maintains excellent knowledge of all hands-on program content, and is thoroughly familiar with aquarium displays and species, in order to reference and recommend extended learning.
- Maintains meticulous organization of SEA LIFE area and materials.
- Informally surveys teacher and child satisfaction with program, communicates suggestions.  Gives input regarding programs’ strength and weakness.  Encourages school guests to complete satisfaction surveys.

Animal Care
- Maintains safety and well-being of all animals, in touch pools specifically, while in and out of tanks.
- Able to make decisions to provide the best environment for every animal and is comfortable dealing with aquatic excrements and smells for long periods of time.

Organizational Skills
- Shows ownership of responsibility for area and materials.  Maintains logs for attendance, incidents, materials repair, etc. 
- Supervises orderly clean-up of materials, and checks  that materials are complete and ready for next group.
- Makes suggestions for improvements in procedures to increase efficiency and guest satisfaction.  Runs groups on time to ensure quality and integrity of program.
- Maintains overall cleanliness and beautification of SEA LIFE, including, but not limited to, sweeping, stocking the restrooms, and helping pick up trash.


Background and Experience
- Experience with teaching or guiding children recommended.  Demonstrated ability to manage group in a relaxed manner is recommended. 
- Requires the ability to multi-task and have a flexible, calm and effective response to conflicts or difficult interpersonal situations. 
- Quick, flexible learner who enjoys children.
- Experience with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint helps. 
- Experience with science curriculum and/or biology or marine biology a plus.  Requires enthusiastic presentation skills and willingness to learn content.

- High school diploma or general education degree (GED) is recommended. College education, teaching experience,  knowledge of child development a plus.

Other Requirements
- Ability to sit for sustained periods of time to attend on-site and off-site meetings and complete paperwork activities.
- Intermittent and prolonged standing and walking to move about the aquarium and interact with employees.
- Ability to keep hands and arms in salt and freshwater for long periods of time while interacting with guests.
- Finger dexterity sufficient to complete paperwork activities and to use a computer.  Must be able to lift up to 30 lbs.
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