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GP Exercise Referral
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Focus Training is the premier training provider for the health and fitness industry in the UK. At Focus Training we offer a wide range of personal trainer courses including CYMCA health, exercise and fitness training courses at different qualification levels.

All courses have been developed to enhance your future career or for your continuing professional development (CPD).

GP Exercise Referral

Many of the conditions covered in this qualification would have once been treated with 'plenty of rest' and numerous drugs to stabilise the condition.

As the medical profession has progressed over the years the benefits of exercise have been cited to not only stabilise many of these conditions, but also to help the client return to a 'normal' state of health with minimal aid from medication.

As the health and fitness industry continues to demonstrate a more professional approach to training, more GPs are willing to refer patients to fitness professionals who can demonstrate a good understanding of many of the conditions our society faces today.

Kick-start your career in the Health and Fitness Industry.
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