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Executive job in Bromley, UK

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£39,696 - £46,347
Job location: Southwark, UK
Job sector: executive
Job description:
Strategic Development Officer - Contract and Facilities (Sport and Physical Activity)

Southwark is committed to improving the health and well-being of its residents and recognises that a really important part of that is ensuring the highest possible standards of service and innovation at the council’s leisure and sports facilities.

We are looking for someone to make a major contribution to increasing access to sport, physical activity and other forms of active recreation by creating more opportunities for Southwark people to enhance their health and quality of life. Could this be you?

You are someone who will strategically contribute to the development of the programmes, policies and strategies relating to physical activity and health.

You are a person who is highly customer focused who also has the ability to inspire, develop and motivate your team to bring out the best in them.

You will be excellent at establishing and maintaining positive collaborative relationships and experienced in managing a portfolio of contracts.

You will regularly contribute to conceiving and implementing creative and innovative ideas, strategies and initiatives that would make a significant contribution to the Council’s objectives for sport and physical activity in Southwark.

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Closing date 18 Jul 2018.
Interview: Week Commencing 30 Jul 2018.
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