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Sport job in Portsmouth

United Kingdom

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Competitive Salary & Benefits
Job location: Portsmouth, UK
United Kingdom
Job sector: sport
26 Feb 2018
Job description:
Would you like to build a business, make a difference to the lives of people and build a career in management? At the énergie group, you can do all of these things. We put club managers at the very centre of the group’s success. Highly trained and well-rewarded, our club managers create a club atmosphere that WOW’s its members. Our ‘Clubs of the Future’ are clubs where everyone can belong. Our fitness programmes are exceptional and our club staffing structure is unique. We need aspiring managers that can fill our clubs with energised, motivated and achieving members. As a Club Manager you will:

• Deliver an énergie experience that will wow all our members
• Build a team that out-performs all others in the fitness sector
• Partner with a franchisee who is investing in the business
• Manage a club operation that generates exceptional customer and staff retention and a great return on investment
• Seek out talent and promote it within and outside the club
• Advance your long-term career with the fastest growing budget franchise group in the sector

What can you expect?
At énergie you can expect to feel part of a team that will provide:
• Competitive salary and commission
• Career advancement
• Variety!
• Exceptional job satisfaction
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employer of choice
Would you like to work for a gym operator that allows you to develop and use your skills to the full whilst being well rewarded? The Gym is totally committed to allowing 'the manager to manage' and rewarding our key personnel for delivery.