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UCLanSport offers a professional Doctorate programme in:
Elite Performance (D.Prof.EP)

The Professional Doctorate in Elite Performance (D.Prof EP), equivalent to PhD level, provides an opportunity for those working in elite performance to complete a programme of study focused on individual needs. As a result, the programme of study can be designed to fit exactly the essentials of each candidate's personal profile and professional challenge.

This award has been developed to produce doctoral thinkers and doers within professional practice and is targeted at any profession endeavoring to enhance performance. Examples of such professions are: coaching (sport and business), organisational management, scientists in a support role, medical/paramedical practitioners, all involved in the performing arts, military personnel and other structured service providers.

The award is designed to develop professional innovation through critical thinking and the application of empirical methods. The 'doctoral worth' of the award provides a recognition for someone who is genuinely at the leading edge of their profession: an individual capable of taking new ideas, combining them in an original synthesis, and using the knowledge and input from others to really drive towards greater success.

Our academic staff have an excellent research profile, allied to considerable experience of working within the sport and exercise industry. The knowledge and experiences gained are used within the curriculum to ensure that learning is stimulating, creative, challenging and highly relevant.

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UCLan is one of the top providers of sports education in the UK and in the North West in particular, backed by our excellent indoor and outdoor sports and laboratory facilities.

We work with industry partners such as Sport England, British Cycling and Preston North End and our partnership with a rugby Super League team, makes us the "Official University of Wigan Warriors RLFC".


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UCLan's excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities are some of the best in the UK, enabling students to undertake practical sessions as part of their studies, using latest resources and equipment to underpin the academic curriculum.