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About Embassy Summer
The Embassy Summer Experience

It is our shared goal to ensure that every student leaves our Embassy Summer centres with: 

 • Confidence in communicating in English

 • A love for the English language and culture
 • A feeling of having studied in a safe, secure and tolerant environment

 • Engaged in enjoyable activities and excursions, that support character development

 • Accessed a global community of peers, and made friends for life.

Embassy Summer offers award-winning English Language summer camps for young learners aged 8-17 and young adults aged 18-25. We have summer school centres across the UK, delivering rewarding English language programmes for young learners and providing a truly life-changing experience.

Embassy Summer employee profile

Glen Agyeman

Local Activities Manager

Embassy Summer

Glen Agyeman is a local activities manager with Embassy Summer and has been working with the company for the past several years.
Tell us about your career, how has it progressed? "I started with the company seven years ago as an activities leader, and am now a local activities manager. My first run as a manager did not go as smoothly as expected, so the following year I returned to the role of activities leader. This was an opportunity to learn and get better. I worked hard and proved myself as an activities leader and was given a second chance at the manager position. I've been working as a manager ever since." Why did you want to get into the industry? "It was never my intention to get into this industry. It was luck really. My best friend called me in July 2012 and asked if I was interested in a job. He sold it as a paid holiday, so I took the opportunity. After my second summer with the company I developed a genuine interest in the Embassy Summer camp programme and I haven't looked back." What changes would you like to see in the industry? "The industry has done so much already and it continues to develop itself. Having said that, I would like to see a greater use of technology, both in the classroom and during activities. I think it would lead to more interactive and immersive experiences for both the students and staff, which would make for better learning and a better overall experience. " What advice would you give to young people trying to break into the industry? "You don't know where you're going to end up in this industry, or life, so make sure you're having fun and don't let the height of the jump scare you. Everything is a leap of faith, but it's worth taking." Proud moments? "My proudest moment was back in 2015 when I taught dance to a group of Taiwanese students. They had no previous dance experience and were so keen to learn. The girls learned how to do an afrobeat dance, while the boys learned hip hop and both were showcased at a talent show later that week. It was great. I was so proud of the outcome."
The industry has done so much and it continues to develop itself
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