Reaching new health seekers with whole-body EMS
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Reaching new health seekers with whole-body EMS

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Industry reports show that when gyms reopened, fitness enthusiasts flocked back to their local gyms. While this is encouraging news, the one thing these reports often miss is the opportunity that has been created in the last year and a half.

Large numbers of people have realised, during the pandemic, that they need to focus on their health and are still looking for suitable workout options to meet their specific needs. These are audiences that may otherwise not have considered stepping into a gym before the pandemic raised awareness of the importance of staying fit and healthy.

Despite the myriad of digital options available, over 50s or those recovering from childbirth or injury or those who are unconditioned and sedentary, often struggle to find fitness options or personal trainers who can develop safe, effective workouts for their needs. The interest is there, but the options are limited.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) training is perfect for these sorts of special populations. Used for decades by sports scientists and experts for rehabilitation, this form of training it is also perfect for active ageing, postnatal and injury recovery. EMS devices offer the same benefits as a high intensity workout, but without the impact or stress on the joints. Using electrical impulses, an EMS device does this by mimicking the natural signal sent by the brain to the muscles, but more powerfully. One 20-minute session, once per week can activate up to 98% of muscle fibres, compared to just 60% in conventional training methods.

Sessions are always one-on-one, maximum one-on-two, so there’s no intimidating gym floor or group exercise studio for people who don’t like the typical gym environment. Similarly, for people still concerned about COVID-safety, it lends itself naturally to social distancing.

For those over-50 or who may be new to exercise, EMS is a full-body, low-impact workout that is accessible, completely safe and scientifically proven to reduce sarcopenia. With a dedicated EMS PT, there is a very short learning curve and very low chance of injury in a workout that uses slow, controlled movements while a machine activates the muscle fibres. There is no additional stress on the tendons, ligaments or joints also making EMS a perfect workout option for those recovering from injury, helping them quickly get back to the activities or sports they love. EMS training is also highly effective for alleviating back pain as it activates deep seated spinal muscles, ideal for those who have suffered back pain following periods of inactivity during the pandemic.

These same benefits are also perfect for any woman recovering from childbirth. EMS is proven to help increase pelvic floor strength, a key area of concern for postnatal women. It can also help with diastasis recti, the partial or complete separation of the “six-pack” muscles, which is very common during and following pregnancy by quickly strengthening the abdominal muscles and closing any separation. In addition to the body-sculpting benefits of EMS, these short, time-efficient workouts can be an incredible advantage for busy new mums over traditional postnatal exercise options.

The pandemic has heightened people’s awareness of the importance of health and physical activity and as a result we are seeing more people look for fitness solutions who would otherwise not have considered stepping into a gym. EMS has been thriving in the rest of Europe for many years with over 80 studios opening in Germany last year alone, and the UK is starting to follow suit - since lockdown the EMS market is developing at pace in the UK. With new players like Iron BodyFit and Feel Electric coming on board every month, the rise of EMS training is really just beginning.

Across virtually every industry, business models are changing and forward-thinking operators and PTs are adopting new practices. miha bodytec’s I-body system has a small footprint and only needs a simple plug socket so it is perfectly suited to a health club looking to increase revenue by attracting new clientele, or for a personal trainer who wants to diversify their offering by catering to special populations.

To see how EMS could fit into your business, book your free demo session here

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Company Details
miha bodytec
miha bodytec is the market leading supplier of Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) equipment. Manufactured in Germany, its i-body device is used by innovative, forward-thinking PTs, studios and club owners all over the world.

miha bodytec stands for reliable, innovative, safe and effective EMS training products. Proven in numerous studies to help exercisers reliably achieve goals, EMS offers HIT results in half the time by encouraging contractions from deep muscles that individuals might struggle to target through regular training. EMS improves muscular definition, strength and cardiovascular efficiency in just one low impact 20-minute session a week.

EMS is an exciting opportunity for clubs and PTs to diversify and boost revenue. With more than 2,700 EMS facilities and a quarter of a million people using miha bodytec every week in Germany alone, EMS is now sweeping the market in the rest of Europe and the UK.
14 Gower's Walk, London, E1 8PY
+44 (0)20 8068 0780
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