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The Bulgari Hotel London
Competitive Salary & Benefits
Spa at The Bulgari Hotel & Residences, London
circa £30,000 pa (dependant on experience)
Cheshire, UK
Kohler Waters Spa
St Andrews, UK
The Football Association
Wembley, UK
£1,900 / month + commissions (OTEs of £3,000 - Tax Free)
Jeddah Saudi Arabia

The Lancet news

The World Health Organisation (WHO) has warned that the majority of adolescents worldwide are not sufficiently physically active, putting their current and future health at ... More
New science has revealed a potential solution to age-related diseases which works on a systemic basis, improving overall health and reducing the need to treat ... More
Teenagers' 'incessant' use of social media is radically reducing the time they spend sleeping and exercising – and could have a detrimental effect on mental ... More
Children who exercise for at least one hour a day, get nine to 11 hours of sleep at night and spend two hours or less ... More
A 'shocking' rise in childhood obesity figures means Britain must act now or risk the scales tipping further, according to ukactive. The number of obese ... More
One in four people worldwide do not meet daily exercise guidelines but need only undertake simple tasks to reduce risk of death and heart disease ... More
Focus Training
Focus Training
The British public has been under-reporting its daily calorie consumption, potentially misleading policymakers to focus on wrong strategies – such as increasing physical activity levels ... More
Office workers who spend their days sitting down are urged to exercise for at least one hour each day in order to combat the serious ... More
Obesity is a disease which cannot be reliably prevented or cured with current frontline methods, according to a feature published in The Lancet. Going forward, ... More
Encouraging people to improve their diet and exercise more may not be enough to overcome the obesity epidemic, according to several new research papers. Writing ... More
The UK is the fourth worst country in the world for rates of cancer caused by obesity in men, a recent study has discovered. The ... More
Around 12,000 cases of cancer each year are caused by people being overweight or obese, according to a new study published in The Lancet medical ... More
A recent study has suggested that football participation in professional environments could be a good method to get men to lose weight. The Scottish study ... More
Researchers at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have developed a mathematical model that predicts how weight and body fat in children respond to changes ... More
Premature mortality in the UK is “persistently and significantly” below the mean of other European Union countries, according to analysis of British health data published ... More
A new study published in medical journal The Lancet has claimed that sedentary lifestyles and a lack of physical exercise are responsible for 5.3 million ... More
A group of influential doctors and medical experts has called for governments globally to take tougher action in the battle against obesity levels. In a ... More
Diet and exercise can reduce the risk of contracting diabetes by more than a third in susceptible people according to a new study published in ... More
A report by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has declared that there is a "clear link" between sunbeds and skin cancer. The ... More
UK doctors have reissued warnings over the dangers of using illegal skin-lightening creams, following a woman developing a serious illness after using them. According to ... More
The Lancet medical journal has published an article condemning the organisers of the World Cup for accepting sponsorship from companies which sell unhealthy food and ... More
With the health benefits of fruit and vegetables already widely recognised, a new study published today has discovered that eating just one extra portion a ... More
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