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Sport job with Jubilee Hall Trust

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£22,000 - £25,000
Job sector: sport
Job description:
Reporting to: Club Manager
Club: Jubilee Hall
Contracted Hours: Full time (40 hours pw)
Start Date: Immediately

Flexibility is required to meet the needs of our business. Variable shifts to include evenings and weekends are the norm.

• To be responsible for developing and directing a comprehensive program of group exercise.
• To be responsible for the recruiting, hiring, training, motivating and evaluating of all group exercise instructors.
• To solicit, listen to and respond to member and instructor concerns and feedback in relation to the scheduling of classes, the instruction given, and the environment provided and use that information to develop future programmes.
• To take on duty manager responsibilities along with your departments

Jubilee Hall Trust - Values

We are passionate about our purpose, about the service we provide and about our supporters and members. We love what we do and how we go about doing it.

INCLUSIVE (open, friendly, accepting)
We welcome everyone into our community irrespective of their background, motivations or ability

PRODUCTIVE (results-orientated)
We are going to make a difference. We set goals and aim to beat them.

ENTERPRISING (imaginative, energetic)
We go the extra mile, find smart solutions to issues, invent new ways of doing old things better and learn from our mistakes.

SUPPORTIVE (co-operative, compassionate)
Together we’re stronger. We work as a team to build the organisation and no-one colleague, supporter or participant - gets left behind.

Please send cover letter and CV to apply.
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