The Gym Group has created '£1.8bn in social value' since 2016
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The Gym Group has created '£1.8bn in social value' since 2016

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Budget fitness operator The Gym Group has generated £1.8bn in social value since 2016.

Pre-pandemic, the company – which operates 186 gyms around the UK – generated £490 in social value per member per year, equivalent to an average of £3m per site.

The social value generated by each site grew each year driven by increased member usage, until lockdowns reduced overall member visits in 2020.

The figure comes from a study by Sheffield Hallam University, which establishes The Gym Group as the first private-sector UK company to commission an analysis of the social value created by its business.

The methodology, initially commissioned by Sport England and the Government, uses a 'Social Value Calculator' developed by 4global in partnership with Sheffield Hallam University and socio-economic data provider Experian.

The outputs of the model are split into four core categories: health, subjective wellbeing, education and crime and are driven by the number of people exercising, frequency of activity, demographics and socio-economic factors.

The £1.8bn figure is based on the finding that using the gym reduces the likelihood of developing diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression, and also increases life satisfaction, improves educational attainment and reduces the rate of crime among young men.

The full study will be published as part of The Gym Group's 2020 Annual Report this week.

Richard Darwin, CEO of The Gym Group, said: "Sustainability is in our DNA and the creation of £1.8bn of social value in the last 5 years, is an important part of our purpose as a business.

"These findings emphasise just how important physical activity is – not only for mental wellbeing and physical health, but also in the economic and social benefit it brings to the communities in which we operate.

"With the pandemic shining a light on the risks of obesity and the importance of regular exercise, it is now more crucial than ever to offer the nation access to inclusive, affordable gyms. We are proud to make a difference - and we are looking forward to continuing to play a part in keeping our nation active."

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Budget fitness operator The Gym Group has generated £1.8bn in social value since 2016.
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