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The keeping of whales, dolphins and porpoises for entertainment – as well as the breeding, trading and capture of cetaceans – has been banned in ... More
With governments and aquariums worldwide starting to phase out cetacean captivity, French courts have controversially overturned a ban on the breeding of dolphins and orcas ... More
Jose Barbero, a spanish dolphin trainer accused of abusing animals in his care, has been found dead in Mallorca, according to the Spanish National Police. ... More
Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, US, has bought Florida's Marineland attraction, home to the Dolphin Conservation Center. Marineland, near St. Augustine, opened in 1937 as Marine ... More
Georgia Aquarium's Dolphin Conservation Field Station (GAI-DCFS) has opened in Marineland in St. Augustine, Florida, US. The field station includes research and veterinary facilities, quarantine ... More
Marineland in Niagra Falls, Ontario, Canada, will be adding a Topple Tower to its collection of rides during 2006. The new ride, built by Germany-based ... More
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