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We are as passionate about our people as we are about encouraging everyone to take part in activity. Employees are our greatest asset – they are a representation of our brand and are what help to drive our business forward. We refer to them as ‘colleagues’ and it’s our aim to develop them in a way that enables each individual to realise their potential.
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location: South Oxhey Leisure Centre, Watford, United Kingdom
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Samantha Gibbs

Personal Trainer

Watford Woodside

Everyone Active

Sam Gibbs, 50, lost four stone while training at Watford Woodside as a member and was inspired to become a personal trainer and help others to get active.

“When I qualified as a personal trainer, Everyone Active gave me the opportunity to join Westminster Lodge Leisure Centre, working in the gym, teaching classes and training clients. Not many companies would take on someone new, but they were supportive and helped me learn the ropes and build up my portfolio of clients.

“I moved to Watford Woodside in December 2015 as a self-employed personal trainer, which felt like coming home, as all my friends were still there from when I was a member!

“Making the leap into freelance personal training was quite daunting, but I was keen to have more time for training clients, as that’s what I really enjoy. It’s incredibly rewarding to see the improvements in people’s movement and ability, and to be part of their progress.

“Everyone Active also really support personal trainers in creating a successful business by offering PT taster sessions to members every three months, passing on leads and employing just a small number of PTs.

“Because of my own personal fitness journey – and as I’m a little older – I work with clients who know I’ll understand their situation better.

“My first client was a 65-year-old man with high blood pressure. I also work with a young woman with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. The improvement in the strength on the left hand side of her body, which is affected by the cerebral palsy, has been amazing in the 14 weeks I’ve been training her.

“Progress can be slower with these types of clients, and it requires a different attitude but I keep clients longer than average, which gives me job security.”

Making the leap into freelance personal training was quite daunting, but I was keen to have more time for training clients, as that’s what I really enjoy
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School swim lesson manager

Westcroft Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

I love being part of the Everyone Active team – it feels like a family, with a really supportive and friendly environment. Working with experienced teachers means I’m learning and growing

Membership Consultant

Sunbury Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

I think apprenticeships are a great introduction to the work environment and help young people to become more mature, so when you do start working full-time, you’re ready for it

Fitness Instructor

Hartham Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

Last year I delivered a free, eight-week-long course of disability and limited mobility exercise classes to help show people what they can achieve

Area Fitness Manager

Everyone Active

I'm very passionate about fitness and want to help others feel the same

Swim lesson manager

Hucknall Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

I always enjoyed swimming as a child and I love seeing people progress, so becoming a teacher seemed the perfect role

Personal Trainer

David Weir Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

You have to be a certain type of person to be a PT – empathetic and able to deliver sessions tailored to the needs of individuals

Regional swim impact manager

Spelthorne Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

Seeing [children] lose their nerves and go home with a smile on their face is hugely rewarding.

Regional Contract Manager

South East

Everyone Active

I realised I had a passion for helping people get physically active and healthy

Sales Manager

Watford Central Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

I quickly progressed to assistant fitness manager, then sales manager. Being presented with such great opportunities brought out my ambitious side!

Team Leader

Northolt Leisure Centre

Everyone Active

The support I was given enabled me to move up the ranks quickly and I was promoted to team leader after just a few months

Trainee Duty Manager

Swan Pool

Everyone Active

I’d encourage anyone interested in the fitness industry to consider an Everyone Active apprenticeship, there are so many opportunities for continual development