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UKinbound backs Theresa May's Brexit deal

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Mount Batten Group
c£65,000pa + pension + benefits
location: mount batten centre, plymouth, United Kingdom
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UKinbound has publicly backed the government's much-maligned Brexit deal, saying that it would offer some measure of stability by avoiding a "disastrous no-deal" exit.

The trade association, which represents around 400 UK tourism businesses, has urged MPs to "get behind the deal".

“The Brexit Withdrawal Agreement provides some reassurance for our members that progress is being made about the shape of our future relationship with the EU, which we welcome," said UKinbound chair Mark McVay.

"However, some of the big issues that will ensure the continued success of our industry remain unanswered, such as the arrangements for migrant workers, which our industry heavily relies on, post the transition period.

“We would nonetheless urge parliamentarians to get behind this deal, as a no deal Brexit would have disastrous consequences for our industry. Until a deal is confirmed businesses need to continue preparing for all eventualities.”

Prime Minister Theresa May has claimed there is “strong support from the business community” for her deal – a view she attempted to strengthen last week by releasing supportive statements from three major companies, Diageo, the London Stock Exchange and Royal Mail.

There has, however, been widespread criticism of the draft withdrawal agreement, which is set be signed off at a special EU summit next week.

A number of government ministers resigned last week in protest of the deal.

As it stands, there is little hope for the government to get the plans approved by the House of Commons, with all opposition parties – as well as the government's own partners, Northern Ireland's Democratic Unionist Party – opposing it.

The chaos surrounding the Brexit negotiations has led to a number of bookmakers cutting the odds of a "People's Vote" – a second referendum – to 6/4.

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UKinbound has publicly backed the government's much-maligned Brexit deal, claiming that it would offer stability and avoid a "no-deal" exit.