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Book4Time works behind the scenes so all your guests see is perfection

When you’re running a spa, things can get hectic. But an excellent spa guest experience means that guests should only see your establishment at its absolute best. Book4Time can make this dream a reality.

Harassed employees and distracted managers

Among the things a spa customer should never see are a harassed employee or a distracted manager. Burnout is common in the spa industry, where team members are often overworked. Give employees time to recharge and rejuvenate, and let Book4Time take care of optimizing your schedule. Meanwhile, there’s a lot going on in a spa manager’s head. Maintaining operations, supervising employees and schedules, and tracking KPIs and revenue are just a few of a manager’s responsibilities. Just the latter can take up a lot of time and headspace. Book4Time takes care of all of this reporting for you, and what once could take a whole day a week of work is completed in just moments. This means managers can relax and be 100% present for their guests.

Don’t run out of inventory

Another thing guests should never see is empty space where their favorite product should be. Keeping track of inventory is tedious and can get overlooked when there are so many other tasks to think about. But running out of popular products and while having a surplus of less popular products can lead to loss of revenue and can even cause guests to lose confidence in you. Book4Time tracks your inventory and even place orders automatically.

privacy should be paramount

Finally, guests should never see confidential information. It’s not entirely unheard of for front desk staff to ask health questions of guests within earshot of other guests. This isn’t just discourteous, it’s also potentially illegal. Book4Time takes security very seriously and allows you to securely collect personal information and keep it confidential. Book4Time also helps ensure that your spa and spa software are compliant with local laws and regulations such as HIPAA and GDPR.

From scheduling and reporting, to customer relationships, to inventory and revenue management, and keeping your data secure, Book4Time works behind the scenes, so all your guests see is perfection.

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Company Details
Book4Time Inc
Founded in 2004 by Roger Sholanki, Book4Time is a global provider of a cloud-based management solution for spa and wellness businesses in more than 70 countries. Book4Time is the preferred wellness technology solution for the world’s largest and most prestigious spa, beauty and wellness brands.
306 Town Centre Boulevard, 4th Floor, Markham, Ontario L3R 0Y6, Canada
+1 905 752 2590
When you’re running a spa, things can get hectic. But an excellent spa guest experience means that guests should only see your establishment at its best.

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