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muscle mass news

Exercising increases levels of a protein hormone secreted by the bones which has a powerful anti-ageing effect on the rest of the body. Osteocalcin, which ... More
Luxury five-star hotel and wellness facility, Palace Merano, has reopened in Italy with a refreshed offering for its wellness guests. The move comes after Henri ... More
Approximately 80 per cent of confirmed COVID-19 patients have mild symptoms and do not need respiratory support. Professor Zhen Yan at the University of Virginia ... More
MYE Technologies, a US-based tech company specialising in fitness equipment, is set to launch a new body scanner. Called the BodyScript Ascend body composition analyser, ... More
Obesity should be classed as a form of premature ageing, due to it predisposing people to acquiring potentially life-altering diseases normally seen in older individuals. ... More
Biomedical tech specialist InBody USA is launching a network of body composition analysis testing sites across the US. InBody has developed the network with partners ... More
A new app using augmented reality (AR) aims to motivate people to get more active by showing, in real-time, what they would look like if ... More
A healthy diet has massive benefits for your health, both inside and out. When you eat what is right for your body gives you more ... More
Older people who have never taken part in sustained exercise programmes have the same ability to build muscle mass as highly trained master athletes of ... More
The Chief Medical Officer (CMO) has said that "even a few minutes of exercise is good for you" – hoping that the simple message will ... More
New research has provided a possible explanation for the perceived decrease in endurance musculature as a result of strength training – which could also provide ... More
A new Talise Spa has opened at the Jumeirah Al Wathba Desert Resort & Spa in Abu Dhabi, featuring treatments inspired by Arabic culture and ... More
Gym goers that guzzle back a protein shake post-workout to help build muscle mass and speed up recovery could be doing themselves more harm than ... More
Drinking a protein shake just before going to bed at night might increase gains in muscle-mass and strength following a resistance workout, according to researchers ... More
Myzone, delivers a wearable and digital technology solution for the fitness industry. With the intent to amplify facility owner experiences, Myzone has released new features: ... More
Regular exercise in older age can prevent the human immune system from declining and protect people against illness, according to a study by King's College ... More
Researchers from Colorado State University and the University of Kentucky have shown that massage can increase the re-growth of muscle tissue after an injury – ... More
RFE International is presenting a wide new range of Reebok strength-building equipment including Olympic bars and steel dumbbells. Additionally, 10 inch, 22kg ‘Power Bar’, made ... More
The days of spas being sold as quiet retreats are gone, says Nicola Field, spa and recreation manager at The Westin Abu Dhabi Golf Resort ... More
Regular exercise from an early age could hold the key to guarding against the often-devastating effects of cerebral palsy (CP), a new study has found. ... More
Maintaining a high level of muscle mass is key to living a longer life, regardless of a person’s level of fat mass, according to new ... More
Researchers in the US believe they have made a significant breakthrough in unravelling the mystery of why muscles become less sore after regular visits to ... More
Hitting the weights provides a major boost to breast cancer survivors trying to regain muscle and bone strength lost due to cancer treatment and physical ... More
High intensity workouts such as group cycling could hold the key to minimising the effects of arthritis, according to findings from a pilot study. Arthritis ... More
Just two weeks of not using their legs causes young people to lose a third of their muscular strength, placing them on par with someone ... More
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