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Myndstream partners with SleepScore Labs to reveal hidden power of spa treatments in improving sleep

Job opportunities
Harrow School
£13.71 per hour
location: Harrow, London, United Kingdom
Active Luton
£61,000 - £64,000 + exceptional pension + excellent benefits
location: Luton, United Kingdom
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This partnership with SleepScore Labs marks a significant step towards empowering therapists with science-backed solutions
– Freddie Moross
Credit: Myndstream

Global wellness music provider Myndstream has released the second episode of its new educational content series Mastermynds, in partnership with Universal Companies.

Tapping into the Sleep Tourism trend, where consumers are seeking out wellness destinations for their holistic approach to health, the latest episode focuses on the topic of sleep, following the release of Myndstream’s new album “Fast Asleep: Powered by Myndstream”.

The music was part of a 772-night study, conducted in collaboration with sleep experts at SleepScore Labs, an independent global specialist in sleep science and consumer sleep improvement.

The study has revealed promising results in helping people feel sleepier at bedtime, decrease nighttime waking, get more deep sleep and wake up feeling refreshed.

However, Myndstream is now championing that getting a good night's sleep starts long before your head hits the pillow. Daily activities significantly influence nighttime rest, with a substantial portion of the population, estimated at 50-75 per cent, grappling with subclinical sleep issues.

Myndstream sees this as an opportunity for spas to step in with tailored sleep enhancement offerings. By providing specialised treatments and training therapists in sleep-supportive techniques, spas can elevate their brand reputation and appeal to discerning clients who prioritise their sleep health. This approach not only fosters loyalty among clientele seeking ongoing sleep support but also enhances the overall therapeutic experience offered by the spa

In the latest Mastermynd episode, Dr Elie Gottlieb, head of applied sleep science at SleepScore Labs, details five ways in which spas can supercharge their treatments with sleep-inducing modalities:

Create a sensory sleep oasis: Creating a multisensory approach may trigger the parasympathetic nervous system helping relax the body and mind and supporting overall sleep health. To create this, use dim, warm lighting, infuse the air with relaxing essential oils, and hit play on one of Myndstream’s soundscapes.

Massage Magic: Gentle Swedish or aromatherapy massages can promote relaxation, reduce muscle tension, and lower levels of cortisol, all supportive of a good night's sleep. You can also harness aromatherapy oils that may improve sleep, such as comforting lavender and vanilla or calming jasmine and cedar wood.

Targeted trigger points: Preliminary data suggests that 3-5 kg of pressure for one to five minutes delivered to the HT7 (Shenmen) acupoint on the wrist, may improve sleep quality.

Warmth works wonders: Hot stone therapy, saunas or even the use of heated massage beds or warm baths can enhance body heat dissipation, thereby reducing your core body temperature, which is essential for the onset of sleep.

Post-treatment practices: Equip your clients with sleep hygiene tips and encourage them to speak with their doctor if they suspect they may have an undiagnosed sleep disorder. Recommend keeping their bedroom comfortably cool, quiet and dark, with a consistent and relaxing pre-sleep ritual. For example, studies have shown that a 104-109 F bath scheduled 1-2 hours before bedtime for as little as 10 mins can significantly reduce the amount of time it takes to fall asleep as the body cools down afterwards. Sticking to the same bedtimes and wake-up times to support their circadian rhythm, avoiding bright lights in the 3-4 hours before bedtime. Spas can also share Myndstream’s scientifically validated sleep music as a takeaway, extending the spa's sleep-promoting effects beyond the treatment room.

Freddie Moross, founder of Myndstream, said: “This partnership with SleepScore Labs marks a significant step towards empowering therapists with science-backed solutions that help harness the benefits of the spa in new and innovative ways. We’re excited about the prospect of these enhanced spa treatments, coupled with our new “Fast Asleep” album 1 hour before bed in delivering better sleep and overall wellbeing for our clients.”

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Company Details
myndstream has developed an affordable streaming portal for the spa and wellness industry that removes licensing risks and provides a deep and diverse library of high quality, research-backed and purpose-built spa music.
9100 Wilshire Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, 90212, United States
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