Patrizia Bortolin joins WFTA to champion wellness food tourism
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Patrizia Bortolin joins WFTA to champion wellness food tourism

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It’s time for hotels to invest in cross-functional training between wellness experts and F&B departments

The food+Travel+Association'>World Food Travel Association (WFTA) has named Preidlhof’s spa director and transformational wellness coach Patrizia Bortolin its global co-ambassador for wellness tourism.

Launched in 2001, the WFTA is a non-profit organisation with a mission to preserve and promote culinary cultures through hospitality and tourism.

Bortolin is keen to raise greater awareness about the benefits of the Mediterranean lifestyle, its food and culture, the joy of cooking and eating more mindfully.

“It’s time for hotels to invest in cross-functional training between wellness experts and F&B departments, and to use the art of eating to get healthier in a happier way, while also expanding new skills and motivation for everyone,” she says.

Bortolin’s new role includes serving as a liaison between the WFTA and the hospitality and wellness industry on a global level.

This will involve identifying and supporting gastronomy tourism development projects that integrate wellness, as well as ways for the WFTA to assist with the development of those programmes, certifications and new projects.

She’ll also share information and insights about wellness food tourism and culinary culture with the association, as well as hold seminars or training webinars with professionals.

Bortolin’s ultimate goal is to make sustainable wellness more integral to food tourism and the hospitality offering.

“This wonderful role brings together two of my greatest passions – food and travel – and there are opportunities to make wellness much more integral to the experience of both,” she adds.

“We have some exciting projects planned!”

Bortolin first learnt how to cook authentic healing food and use food as a spiritual path at her favourite Ashram in India. Since then, she’s incorporated this approach into her daily life and wellness strategies.

Trained in mindful eating and psycho-aromatherapy, Bortolin has previously created and led food-focused wellness classes in an aim to make wellness and healthy eating more meaningful and sustainable.

“So much creativity and so many health benefits can be released through cooking and tasting food more mindfully.”

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The World Food Travel Association (WFTA) has named Preidlhof’s spa director and transformational wellness coach Patrizia Bortolin its global co-ambassador for wellness tourism.

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JP Lennard
JP Lennard